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Your Occupational Therapy Consultant

Helping Schools Empower
Students of All Abilities
to Learn and Succeed

Professional Development

Empowering teachers & school staff through practical effective Professional Development, with real solutions that can be immediately applied in the classroom and even school-wide.

Reduce negative behaviors, learn sensory regulation strategies to help students be calm, controlled, attentive and focused. 

A wide selection of prepared topics are available, as well as, individualized presentations designed to fit your specific needs.

•Practical, Effective Professional Development
•Real Solutions for Use in the Classroom

Custom Sensory Spaces
Expert help to incorporate Motor Labs, Sensory Paths & Sensory Spaces into the school campus & routines to promote learning readiness for all students. 

Reduce negative behaviors and promote movement-based, “whole-brain” learning while developing sensory and motor skills. 

•Create an Atmosphere for Learning
•Promote Sensory Self-Regulation

Prevention- MTSS/RTI

Practical Solutions for Multi-Tiered System of Support & Response To Intervention

Empowering administrators and teachers to reduce referrals and save money and time through primary prevention. 

Simple interventions to solve common issues that negatively impact academics, behavior and social emotional development in general education.  

Empowering you with systems for Data Collection and Progress Monitoring that are fast, easy and effective at reinforcing interventions.

Budget-Friendly, School-Wide Strategies
Reduce Referrals with Solutions that Work!

Charla Holst, OTR/L
Your Occupational Therapy Consultant

Empowering Your Staff with Tools,Knowledge and Strategies to Improve:

• Attention & Focus
• Behavior
• Handwriting
• Sensory Regulation
• Developmental Readiness
• Fine Motor Skills
• Visual Motor Skills
• Visual Perceptual Skills
• Learning Disabilities


Specializing in:

• Sensory Regulation
• Staff Development
• Universal Interventions
• Navigating Special Education
• Sensory Tools & Strategies
• Custom Sensory Spaces
• Accommodations
• Trauma-Informed Care
• Social Emotional Learning
• Developmental Readiness
• Handwriting
• Environmental Design
• Listening & Creative Solutions