Professional Development

Professional Development – 
Individualized To Meet Your Needs

I am excited to meet your Professional Development needs!  I have 29 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist, with 17 years being in the school system.  I’m the author of 3 books and I have been speaking publicly for over 30 years.  I am ready to listen to your needs and design a professional training to meet those needs.  My goal is to always provide simple practical solutions that can be used immediately.  I have a wide range of prepared topics listed below, but I am glad to create a specific presentation on the topic of your choice within my areas of expertise.

Dynamic Training for Teachers and Staff with
practical skills and knowledge that can be applied immediately.  

I provide easy to implement strategies
to meet needs in the classroom and school-wide.

 Professional Development Topics include, but are not limited to:

Teachers & Paraprofessionals:

• Identify & Reduce Negative Behaviors Caused by Sensory Dysregulation
• Erase Handwriting Headaches
• Sensory Regulation Tools for School-  Improve Behavior, Attention & Focus
• Preparing Little Hands for Big Success-  Developmental Readiness
• Trauma-Informed Teaching & Care
• Create Custom Sensory Spaces
• Fun Fine Motor Tips & Tricks 
• Impact Reading & Writing with Improved Visual Motor &  Visual Perceptual Skills
• How to Spot Learning Disabilities & What to Do
• Sensory Solutions for Your Classroom
• Specific Training for Special Needs- such as teaching a student with Autism, how to safely transfer a student, specific adaptations & accommodations  

Behavior Support Staff:

• Recognize Behaviors Associated with Trauma, Sensory Processing Disorder & Sensory Dysregulation
• Meltdown vs. Tantrum & Shutdown vs. Non-compliance–How to tell the difference and What To Do  
• Behavior Support For Students with Special Needs such as:  Trauma, Intellectual Disability, Autism & ADHD 

Everyone that comes in contact with a student has an impact, either positive or negative.

Have you considered training all of your staff in best practices to support students with special needs?

Training For:

Cafeteria Personnel, Custodians, Administrative Assistants, Car Line & Bus Line Support Staff, Bus Drivers, Administrators, Behavior Support Staff, Aides: 

• Supporting students with special needs such as:  Autism, Down Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy… 

Bus DriversSensory Regulation Strategies to help students sit down and stay safe on the bus & Individualized Training to Meet the Specific Needs on a Bus

Paraprofessionals:  Individualized Training to Meet Specific Needs

Cafeteria Personnel:  How to Avoid a Meltdown in the Cafeteria

Training for Parents:

• Ready for School
• Homework Help-  Strategies to help your child sit still & focus
• Avoid the Technology Trap
• Calming & Control Strategies
• Sensory Regulation Solutions