Prevention RTI/MTSS

Cost-saving solutions

TheraPower Provides Practical Solutions for Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) & Response To Intervention (RTI)

 I have worked as an Occupational Therapist in Special Education for 17 years.  I have valuable insight on how to solve problems before they start and how to correct common problems in the general education setting that can lead to referrals and bigger issues if not corrected in the early stages.


Support for MTSS & RTI:

1. Professional Development

I can train your teachers and staff to implement easy and effective universal strategies to intervene at the general education level to solve  problems commonly seen in the general classroom. 

  • Reduce referrals
  • Lower costs over time

    For example, I can train teachers to provide specific targeted brain breaks to work on issues like Crossing Midline, which help prepare all students to use their whole brain for learning.  Crossing midline is necessary for efficient fluid reading, writing and coordination.  Plus, it’s a great fun movement break that gets the brain and body ready to learn!  Easy strategies such as this can reduce referrals and lower costs over time.  

     Professional Development Topics for MTSS & RTI Support include, but are not limited to:

    • Identify & Reduce Behaviors caused by Sensory Dysregulation

    • Erase Handwriting Headaches

    • Sensory Regulation Tools for School- Improve Behavior, Attention & Focus

    •Preparing Little Hands for Big Success- Developmental Readiness

    • Fun Fine Motor Tips & Tricks 

    • Impact Reading & Writing with Improved Visual Motor &  Visual Perceptual Skills

    • How to Spot Learning Disabilities & What to Do

    2. Practical & Easy to Implement Interventions

    You need interventions that make a difference, are efficient and cost-effective.  I have simple solutions to solve common issues that negatively impact academics, behavior and social emotional development.   I listen and provide targeted interventions specific to your needs.  Every student, every classroom and every school is unique and I am an expert at getting to the root of the problem.  One of my greatest joys is unraveling the mysteries of learning and helping people find the answers to learning problems!

    I am ready to consult with you to design MTSS & RTI Early Intervening Solutions for all students to improve: 

    • Attention & Focus
    • Behavior
    • Handwriting
    • Sensory Regulation
    • Developmental Readiness
    • Fine Motor Skills
    • Visual Motor Skills
    • Visual Perceptual Skills
    • Social Emotional Learning


    3. Data Collection & Progress Monitoring

    You need Data Collection & Progress Monitoring that is simple, fast and effective.  I can suggest targeted interventions to fit your specific needs and then develop a system for quick easy data collection for progress monitoring over time.  Make real progress using simple cost-effective interventions in the general classroom or small group setting.   

    • Simple, effective MTSS & RTI Data Collection & Progress Monitoring Systems that reinforce interventions 

    • Reduce the need for intensive direct services with early intervening services that work

    4. Utilizing Universal Programs & Universal Design for Learning 

    I provide individualized consultation to meet the needs of your students and staff.  Examples of Universal Programs and Universal Designs for Learning that can be customized to meet the needs of your school:

    • Sensory Paths

    • Motor Labs

    • Control Strategies & Calming Strategies that can be used building wide

    • Environmental Design to promote Developmental Readiness, Sensory Regulation and Accommodations in the classroom and school-wide

    • Accessibility in the school and on the playground

    • Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum for Handwriting,  Typing and more…

    • Motor-based Learning, Brain Mapping & Whole Brain Learning Strategies & Training 

    • Consultation with Specialty Teams such as Parents As Teachers, Child Find, Positive Behavior Support & Data Collection Teams…

    • Parent Involvement & Training 

    • Social Emotional Learning

    • Childhood Obesity Prevention

    • Motor Screenings to identify at risk students

    • Early Childhood Interventions & Programs

    • Living Skills Programs

    • Assistive Technology

    • High School Transition