About Us

Charla Holst, OTR/L

Experience: 29 years in Occupational Therapy
17 years as a School-Based Occupational Therapist

Friendly, down-to-earth professionalism & integrity

Helping Schools Empower
Students of All Abilities
to Learn and Succeed

Looking at the whole person, their strengths and challenges, is what Occupational Therapy is all about.  I have 29 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist and for 17 years I have worked in the public school system.  I have spent much of my life in a public school and I have so much respect for the work that goes on there. One of my greatest joys is unraveling the mysteries of learning and helping administrators, teachers, students, parents and caregivers find answers to learning problems.   It absolutely thrills me when a child and/or parent feels heard and understood, that they are not stupid, lazy or crazy and feelings of complete frustration turn to hope.  When people have answers and a direction to move out of that stuck place, wheels stop spinning, traction happens and things really get moving!  I love empowering people to unleash their full potential!  Knowledge is power! 

But how, how do you do that?

As an occupational therapist I look at the whole person and I look for the root cause of the problem.  If practice was going to fix it, it would have been fixed long ago!  Practice won’t fix a broken piece or a shaky foundation, in fact at this point it may just be aggravating the problem.  I imagine we’ve all felt the aggravation!  Learning is the cumulation of so much more than basic facts.  The brain and body have to work together in countless unseen ways to get to a place where new information can be taken in, absorbed, held on to and then applied.  These are some of the areas an occupational therapist looks at to get to the root of the problem, to ultimately get to the pinnacle of learning.

It takes a firm foundation for learning to occur.


Get expert help to incorporate Motor Labs, Sensory Paths & Sensory Spaces into the school campus to promote learning readiness for all students.